Agate Pendants
From The Workshop of Steve Howard
Call Steve Howard At 208-520-2449 or Send an Email to place an order.
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Agate Pendant 1
AP-1  $195.00
 Agate Pendant 2
AP-2  $85.00
Agate Pendant 3
AP-3  $195.00
Agate Pendant4
AP-4  $125.00

Agate Pendant 5
AP-5  $145.00

Agate Pendant 6
AP-6  $85.00

Agate Pendant 7s
AP-7  $245.00
Agate Pendant 8s
AP-8  $225.00
Agate Pendant 9s
AP-9  $135.00
Agate Pendant 10s
AP-10  $275.00
Agate Pendant 11s
AP-11  $275.00 
Agate Pendant 12s
AP-12  $265.00

To make a purchase contact Steve Howard by email or phone 208-520-2449
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